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Patients with end stage kidney disease on hemodialysis are usually wondered if they are able to travel to foreign destinations due to the need for dialysis thrice weekly. However, most patients can combine dialysis treatment and holidays in very nice and sunny places.

DialysisVacations targets to secure high quality dialysis treatment in qualified with international health standards centres and holidays with their beloved accompanied persons in the most popular destinations in Greece such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Creta, Corfu and Chalkidiki.

In these places there are Autonomous Dialysis Centres with very modern and fully equipped dialysis machines, excellent medical and nursing stuff that are affiliated to large University or Public Hospitals in order to provide all necessary covering needed for their patients.

DialysisVacations is in close collaboration with high quality Dialysis Centres and very nice Hotels in the above places and ensures high quality services to affordable prices including dialysis treatment, medical care and holiday packages for patients and accompanied persons.

We take care the communication with the Dialysis Centre and the whole holiday package in Athens, Thessaloniki, Creta, Corfu and Halkidiki according to your preference. You can choose one of the available holiday packages and our team will adjust it to your needs.

All Dialysis Centres that are in collaboration with DialysisVacations follow all international standards, are qualified and have very experienced medical and nursing staff with long term experience in managing patients with end stage kidney disease. They are equipped with very modern dialysis machines and provide all types of dialysis from classic hemodialysis to on line hemodiafiltration.

DialysisVacations is also the best choice for patients on peritoneal dialysis if they want to travel and have holidays in Greece. Our team will ensure all Public Hospitals all over the country.

So you can concentrate on your holiday and enjoy yourself leaving the rest to DialysisVacations!

Dimitrios S. Goumenos
Professor of Nephrology
Scientific Advisor of Dialysis Vacations

Scientific Advisor

Professor Dimitrios S. Goumenos was born in Athens, Greece in 1958 and graduated from Medical School-University of Athens in 1982.

He did his training in Nephrology in Athens and got a 2-year fellowship from ‘Alexandros Onasis Foundation’ for further training in Nephrology and Renal Transplantation in Sheffield Kidney Institute, University of Sheffield, UK.

He worked in Sheffield Kidney Institute for 2 years and was actually involved in all aspects of Nephrology looking after patients on hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and after renal transplantation.

He was also involved in projects related to the therapeutic management of patients with glomerulonephritis and to basic research for parameters related to the pathogenesis of renal scarring.

In 1997, he became Professor of Internal Medicine-Nephrology in the University Hospital of Patras. Since 2009 he is Head of the Department of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation of the University Hospital of Patras, one of the largest in Greece, with more than 100 patients on hemodialysis and 50 on peritoneal dialysis. His research activity is concentrated on the management of patients with glomerulonephritis and on the mechanisms of progression of renal disease.

He has kept a very close contact with Sheffield Kidney Institute for more than 20 years with ongoing research collaboration and annual teaching as Visiting Professor and External Professor Examiner for PhD Thesis. He has 120 publications in peer reviewed journals, 1800 citations and h-index: 22.

He has been ex-President of the Hellenic Society of Nephrology (2014 -2016) and President of the Scientific Committee of University Hospital of Patras.

Currently he is Dean of the School of Medicine of University of Patras since 2015, Ordinary Council Member of European Dialysis Association (ERA -EDTA) since 2017 and member of the Board of Immunonephrology Working Group of ERA EDTA since 2018.

In 2019 he became a founding member of DialysisVacations acting as a Scientific Advisor

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