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What type of services does Dialysis Vacations provide apart from booking my dialysis sessions?

Dialysisvacations provide booking a dialysis treatment in qualified with international health standards dialysis centers as well as attractive holidays packages in the most popular destinations in Greece.

Is there any connection/contact with a public hospital in the area in emergency case?

Although all Dialysis Centers that are in collaboration with Dialysisvacations are qualified and have very experienced medical and nursing staff they are affiliated with General Public or University Hospital in the same area for cases of emergency.

Is the dialysis treatment individualized to the needs of the patient?

The dialysis schedule is adjusted to your individual needs according to the provided information from your personal doctor.

Can a member of my family or a friend of mine join me in the trip?

Of course you can be accompanied by your beloved persons. Our aim is to provide you dialysis treatment while you and your beloved persons enjoy your holiday in Greece. Our team will adapt the package to the needs of each visitor.

However, it is not a prerequisite. We can also provide individual packages or group packages.

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