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Halkidiki Clinic – Nephroxenia

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  Provincial Road Gerakinis – Polygyrou, Location “Anastasitiko” Gerakini Chalkidikis


Spanning in a 3 acres area, a 1.700m2, 2-level state of the art building rose fast, ready to cover the demand for quality dialysis in the vast Chalkidiki area. Following the same path as the first nephroxenia clinic, the treatment room orientation offers un-blocked sea-view for all patients.

Located in the middle of the southern touristic part of Chalkidiki, in Gerakini, exactly in the middle between the capital of Polygyros, Nea Propontida (Nea Moudania) and Sithonia. Moreover, with locating Chalkidiki clinic in Gerakini, patients willing to visit the Holy Mountain (Aghio Oros) no longer have to drive back to Thessaloniki for their treatments.


Following all applicable European Directives and the strictest Quality Standards, Chania Clinic was designed by highly experienced, professional engineers, with known reputation worldwide in medical buildings planning. Safety and patient’s comfort were our top priorities upon drawing and implemented in the construction without discounts.


Chalkidiki Clinic is equipped with modern – top of the line – Fresenius® 5008s HDF CorDiax® HemoDialysis Machines.

Because having a fancy dialysis machine is not enough, in nephroxenia, we use strictly Fresenius FX-classix® and FX-Cordiax® dialyzers with helixone® membrane.

In addition, all medical supplies and miscellaneous medical equipment required during dialysis treatment are always chosen carefully to guarantee a safe and efficient treatment.


  Provincial Road Gerakinis – Polygyrou, Location “Anastasitiko” Gerakini Chalkidikis


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